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Thinking of traveling alone to Italy and France?  Please read on.

“I’ve talked to a number of women at work here who would LOVE to have a group like this — mainly because their husbands don’t want to travel without a firm plan.  Being able to go it alone (so to speak) with a like-minded group is wonderful–it’s what sold me.”
–Mary C. Alamo, CA

What kind of women travelers join your women’s group tours to Italy & France?
Many who join our trips for women are professionals in search of fabulous upscale vacation packages that offer short fabulous getaways.  The women travel to escape their daily routine, and enjoy the company of other female travelers.  Many of the women love travel and go on vacations a couple of times a year without their husbands, partners or families.  Some of the women have never traveled alone before, suddenly discovering the opportunity to travel by themselves by joining a women’s tour group.

Here are some sample bios from some recent women’s tours:

“I am 42 years old.  My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, We were high school sweethearts! We have two beautiful daughters, Brittany (15) and Sydney (11).

As for hobbies and passions, I really love exercise. Exercise is something I love to do mostly because I also love good food! Travel is also a passion of mine, when I was a little girl my family lived in England for three years and I was really affected by it. I really wanted to expose my girls to travel, so we have taken them to Italy twice.  Jim and I went to celebrate our 20th this past summer in France. We were lucky enough to see the end of the Tour de France and see Lance take his final leap across the Champs Elysees.”
 –– Lori, Walnut Creek, CA

“I am a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant with a Financial Planning Service company.  I have worked here over a year and my restless roots are urging me to find something with a bit more to do and learn elsewhere.  Even before my divorce over three years ago, I was restless and also had the urge to travel, travel, travel.

I have been divorced for three years, have two adult daughters and one wonderful grand-girl, who is the most important love in my life.  I do enjoy meeting folks, learning a bit of history of what makes the person who or what they are at their particular time of their life.”
— Marilyn K., Roswell, GA

“Last year I made a choice to stop waiting and start doing, particularly where travel is concerned.  My husband of almost 25 years, as well as several friends, have been saying for years “we should do…” and  “you know what would be fun?? Let’s…”  But although I was willing, I was unable to get a commitment from anyone else to actually plan and go on any of our “someday” trips.

I decided to start traveling and thought I would be more comfortable traveling with an upscale, women-only tour group.

My husband and I own a sales agency, and have worked together for about 15 years now.  In the past my hobbies have included all types of needlework, sewing, quilting and working out.  One of my goals this year is to begin learning to speak Spanish.  I’ve recently begun working out again but concentrating on yoga and pilates.  We were fortunate to purchase a lovely cabin in the U.P. of Michigan and we have been taking trips up there at least monthly.

I am easy going, open-minded and enjoy most new experiences.  I have traveled to Europe twice before, but this will be my first time in Italy and I look forward to a great experience, especially eating!” — Joanne, Long Grove, IL

“Ciao a tutti!  My name is Connie, and I am happy to be included with all of you on this tour.  I turned 47 in November.  I am newly divorced and have an 18-year-old son in university who lives with me. I was the co-owner of a security company until very recently.  I ran the business end of the company we started 16 years ago.  Now I am taking a little time off for travel and other assorted pleasures until I decide what I want to do when I grow up!!

I am lucky in that I come from a very loving family and we all enjoy each other’s company.  Travel has always been a favorite passion for all of us. One magical trip was to Paris in June 2002.  It was a “blood” trip — meaning no significant others/spouses were allowed.  My mother and I, together with my brother and sister and all our children went to Paris and had a wonderful and unforgettable vacation.

Besides travel, I enjoy going out to restaurants, film, art, literature, design, fashion and writing.  I speak a few languages and enjoy immersing myself in different cultures.  Looking forward to an enjoyable and memorable trip with all of you.” — Connie M. – Miami Beach, FL

” I worked for about 20 years in the high tech PR business.  The last nine years of my career was as president of my own company, Complete Communications.  It was thoroughly challenging and rewarding, but I retired the business in 2002 to devote myself to the care of two growing and volunteer my time at their school.

I remarried in 1999 and my husband and I together have four children.  My husband has two grown sons, who live in the NY and NJ areas.  My husband and I live with the previously mentioned ever-active children in Diablo, CA.

I love to read, but don’t take enough time to read all the novels I’d like.  I do read a zillion magazines monthly.  My husband and I are amateur wine collectors; we have several hundred bottles and would have more but I try to drink enough so that the cellar doesn’t get too full.   We enjoy wine tasting and visiting Napa and the Central Coast when we can.  We travel fairly extensively but my husband and I haven’t been to Europe together yet, though he is there often for business.   I’m half Italian so it is in my genetic make-up to love all things Italian.”  — Judy – Diablo, CA

I’m married 30 years with 2 sons and one grandson.  I’ve lived in California all my life, though not born there, and in the Walnut Creek area all that time.  I work full time in computer software, and am planning my retirement in 5 years.

My hobbies are needlework and quilting, and I am studying winemaking at a local junior college to see if that’s what I want to do with some property I own in the wine country when I retire.  My youngest son is the executive chef at Blackhawk Grille, so fine food is a passion as well as cooking.  I am very active with my church and teach adult religious education (Catholic)–so Italy and the churches will be of particular interest.”  — Mary, Alamo, CA

“Hello, my name is Nina J. and I live in Raleigh, NC with my 15-year-old son.  I am really looking forward to this trip – I’ve been toying with the idea for over a year now, so I’m relieved to finally see my dream come true.

I work in marketing at a large pharmaceutical company.  I’m also a full-time soccer mom, at least for most of the year.   That doesn’t leave too much spare time, but when I have the chance, I love to travel.  Every year, my son and I take a special vacation together.  We’ve done this since he was three years old and he’s the best travel partner I’ve been able to find so far.  He’s awesome with a map and doesn’t snore!  We’ve been to the Australia, the Canadian Rockies, Outer Banks of NC, San Francisco and the California coast, a dude ranch vacation in Wyoming with a visit to Yellowstone, and the San Juan islands and Seattle, WA area.” –Nina J.,  Raleigh, NC