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sicilyOf all of the regions in Italy, Sicily has arguably the most unique cultural heritage, being equally rich in arts, cuisine, architecture and language.  Sicily’s geography, however — boasting rugged mountains, rolling vineyards, and sublime beaches — is no less diverse.

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily was once its own city-state before coming under the Italian flag. Palermo, capital of ancient Sicily, saw the rise and fall of many great empires, from Roman to Byzantine to Arab-Norman, which left behind wonderfully diverse architecture that is largely intact today. Like Palermo, much of Sicily is layered with history and culture to be explored in its temples, castles, plazas, palaces and crypts. The Greek theater in Taormina, the Doric Temple of Segesta, and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento are among the many wonders of ancient history you can explore in Sicily. More recently, Sicily has made history – film history – as one of the settings for Francis Ford Coppola’s epic series “The Godfather.”

While Sicily boasts some of Italy’s best examples of Baroque towns, its most enduring monument is not man-made, however. The region claims Mt. Etna, Europe’s biggest volcano and one the world’s most active. The historic mountain-top town of Taormina, one of the top tourist destinations in Sicily, offers majestic views of Etna as well as the seemingly endless Mediterranean Sea.

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