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winecheese2Inclusions: Expert Rome tour guide, cost of food tastings as stated in the itinerary.

Note: Some of the stops in this Rome food tour may change depending on the tour time and day, as certain businesses may be closed. We customize your Rome food tour based on your interests and unique needs.

Rome is one of the gourmet food capitals of the world, and you will sample some of its local food and wine on this unique and private tour of Rome.

A local, expert tour guide in Rome conducts this delightful gourmet Rome food tour. This unique Rome food tour showcases various neighborhoods not only through its delicious foods but also its history and architecture.

You will start your private gourmet Rome food tour from a lovely coffee bar close to the Pantheon before you proceed to Campo de Fiori, known for its morning flower and vegetable market and lively restaurants and bars at night. You will stop for a cappuccino at a coffee bar with outside tables for people watching. (Note that the order of activities and where we will take you will depend on your interests and needs.  All our private tours are customized individually.)

Next you will pass by the ancient statue “Pasquino,” near Piazza Navona, to visit Arco degli Acetari, a magical vestige of medieval Rome. Here you will visit a bakery and join the locals and tourists alike for a fresh slice of Rome-style pizza Bianca.

Your tour guide in Rome will next take you by Piazza Farnese, where you will stop a few minutes in the nearby Palazzo Spada to see Borromini’s famous optical illusion “forced perspective.”

Your private Rome food tour will next continue to the “Jewish Ghetto” for a stop at a Jewish pastry shop to taste Roman Jewish cookies and other house specialties. You will learn a bit about this historic neighborhood en route.

After your food tour in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, you will cross the ancient Tiberine Island bridge to reach Trastevere. You’ll stop for a snack here – a must-try is the Suppli’ (deep-fried rice ball filled with minced meat and mozzarella) among other specialties. Next you will proceed to Trastevere and stop, if interested, at Santa Maria, the main church here. The plan is to have an aperitivo at a small local bar, your last official stop on this private food and wine tour in Rome.

If your appetite is sufficiently stoked at this point, you can conclude with lunch at a restaurant specializing in Ancient Roman dishes. Buon Appetito!

NOTE: This is just one general plan. As we customized all our private Rome food tours, this itinerary may differ from your final itinerary. Also, lunch and other things can be included.  Inquire.

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