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Normandy & Brittany Private Tours


The rugged coastal province of Brittany has a unique character, equally steeped in French culture and its Celtic heritage. Brittany was independent until the 16th century, and one out of four residents still speak Breton, a Celtic language similar to Cornish and Welsh. If you’re visiting in August, you can experience the old Breton culture at the Inter-Celtic Festival at Lorient, featuring traditional Breton music, poetry and dance.

The Breton coast, with its white-sand beaches, rock formations and prehistoric monuments, is the second most popular summer resort area in France. Bretons have a long history of fishing and sailing, and visiting the old port town of St. Malo, still in operation, you can experience this firsthand. Other visitors come to the Breton coast to explore its many small islands, such as the Île de Bréhat, Île de Sein, or Belle Île.

Whatever path you choose to take through Brittany, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience of a little glimpsed side of France.

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