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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: On Our Women’s Tours and Small Group Tours of Italy & France

What is the average age of the travelers who join your tours?
About 75% of the travelers who join our escorted tours are in their 40s or 50s. A small percentage are in their 30s, 60s or 70s.

Who typically joins your vacations for women?

Professional women and women who don’t have regular travel partners join our tours. These women typically look for worry-free group tours that provide a safe way to travel.   Most need a break from their daily routine and for some, a change from their normal family vacations. SAMPLE BIOS from women who have taken our tours.

What is it like to join your women-only tours?
The women who join our tours are adventurous, open-minded women who are excited about the opportunity to travel on their own and meet other fellow women travelers. You will find a friendly setting. Our itinerary have scheduled activities but with plenty of free time to explore on our own or together as a group. This format allows the group to do more things derived from things they just discovered along the way. Our small groups tours bring people closer in a very short time. Often most of the group stays together even during the allocated free time.

Do most of the women who join your women’s tour groups travel with someone they know?
Most of the women who join our women’s tours are solo travelers. From time to time, they find a friend who is able to join them.

Is airfare included in the price?
We are a website-based business, which means that our clients come from all over the country, so generally our tours do not include airline ticket costs. The costs of airline tickets vary widely from state to state and it is extremely difficult to predict future airline ticket costs. However, from time to time, we may have “specials” that include airfares.

What if I don’t want to be alone even on our free time?
You will always have someone to go with even during your free time. Your tour managers are also always available for company, but our travelers always find others in the group to go with.

There are some meals not included in your tours. Will I be eating alone during our free time?
You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to. Typically, the travelers find someone in the group to eat with. Your tour managers are also always available if you want company.

How many travelers are on each of your escorted tours?
The tours are in small groups, 8 to 14 people in each group. A minimum of 8 is required for international travel.

Can you arrange for my airport transfers?
Absolutely, we can take care of all your transportation needs.  We also offer this service to independent travelers who are not participating in our tours.

Can you take care of my airline ticket?
We don’t secure airline tickets for our clients, but we work with a travel agency that can take care of all of our clients’ airline tickets.

What is included in the price of the tour?
This information will be clearly stated in the tour announcements. In general, it includes accommodations, services of your tour managers/escorts and tour guides, transportation to all activities while on the tour, activity fees, and admissions to sites to be visited. There will be some meals included in the price of the tour. This will be clearly stated in the tour announcements.

Please note that it is your responsibility to be at the origination point, your hotel, on the first day of the tour. It is also your responsibility to make return arrangements at the end of our tour.

Items of personal nature, i.e. laundry, phone calls, beverages, etc. are not included in the price. Any optional activities noted in the itinerary and any free-time activities you plan on your own will add to the cost of your tour.

Costs associated with your return home if you leave the tour early for any personal reason, including illness, or as a consequence of any official governmental action, are your sole responsibility.

What happens on the first day of the tour (escorted tour)?
It is your responsibility to be at the starting point of tour on time, in many cases the start of the tour begins with Well Arranged Travel picking you up at the airport. Check into the hotel and settle in. Usually at 6:30 that evening, the group will gather at the hotel for a welcome party, cocktails and dinner we host to mark the beginning of the tour. From time to time, we are able to start earlier.

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