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03-Day Bordeaux Tours from Paris – Bordeaux, St. Emilion, Dordogne Prehistoric Caves


Bordeaux Tour Package –  Bordeaux, Town of St. Emilion, Wine Tasting, Dordogne Prehistoric Caves


Our 3-Day Bordeaux tours from Paris or from the region include: expert tour guides for city tour and Dordogne caves, wine tasting, private transportation for touring. Also include assistance booking your hotel and train tickets.

Accommodations: We recommend staying in the city of Bordeaux.

Enjoy one of the best regions to visit in France. Bordeaux offers, charming villages like St. Emilion, famous wineries and castles, the prehistoric Dordogne caves and the lively city of Bordeaux.  For more information, contact us.



ITINERARY – 3-Day Bordeaux Tours from Paris

Bordeaux Tours, St. Emilion, Wine Tasting, Dordogne Prehistoric Caves


Day 1 – Arrive in Bordeaux from Paris by train, Walking Tour of the City of Bordeaux, Overnight in Bordeaux

Bordeaux tours from Paris is a great addition to your planned Paris visit. After a short train ride from Paris, you will arrive in Bordeaux and have a private walking tour with your Bordeaux tour guide. Recently declared an UNESCO World Heritage site, the historical center of Bordeaux is a delight to explore. Thanks to the ambitious urban planning imposed by 18th century royal courtiers, Bordeaux boasts a number of architectural wonders from the Renaissance era. You will discover the most important of those buildings on your guided tour, including the Grand Theatre, the Tourny alleys and fountain, Quinconces Square (the second large city square in Europe), St. Andrews Cathedral, Town Hall and other landmarks.
Your private tour guide will also take you inside Grand Theatre and wine museum.


Day 2 – Dordogne Caves – Prehistoric Caves Tour of Rouffignac, Combarelles, Overnight in Bordeaux

NOTE: Dordogne prehistoric caves to be visited may change due closings. Rouffignac, Combarelles, Lascaux are just samples of the caves where we go.

Today, your guide will take you to the village of Les Eyzies de Tayac, where France’s prehistoric ancestors made their home in caves some 40,000 years ago. Les Eyzies is situated in one of the most beautiful and rugged areas in the country, dotted with unusual rock formations, dramatic cliffs and historic caves.Prehistoric Caves in Dordogne - Well Arranged Travel

You will first tour Les Eyzies’ National Prehistoric museum, which houses one of the world’s most complete collections of prehistoric artifacts. Through the museum’s interactive displays, you will travel back in time to the Paleolithic era and learn about man’s ancestors, from the Neanderthals to the Cro-Magnons.

After this introduction to the region and its prehistoric origins, your private tour guide will take you to one of our favorite Dordogne prehistoric caves, Rouffignac. This Dordogne cave, several miles long, contains more than 150 paintings of woolly mammoths, bisons, ibex, rhinoceros and other ancient fauna. You’ll take a trip on an underground train to see the painted walls. 


Day 3 – Morning in St. Emilion, Late Afternoon Return to Paris by Train

Today, you will enjoy a guided day trip to St. Emilion, the beautiful medieval town originally founded by a 8th century Breton monk. You will have a chance to walk along the original city walls and climb the steep cobblestoPrehistoric Caves in Dordogne - Well Arranged Travelne streets exploring wine cellars, artisan studios, and art galleries. You can also visit to St. Emilion’s famous underground church carved out of solid limestone, whose volume makes it Europe’s largest. The town’s founding monk lived in a small hermitage carved from a nearby natural cave.

Next, you will have wine tasting in one of St. Emilion’s underground cellars. Several wineries right in town are built atop underground caves perfect for temperature-controlled oak-barrel aging. You also will a little free time to explore the beautiful town on your own. You will return to Bordeaux in time for lunch.

This is the end of your Bordeaux tour from Paris. You will return to Paris via train in the late afternoon.


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