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BOATS, BATTLES AND FOREIGNERS: 3 Hours                                                        

venice_navalmuseumVenice Private Tour Includes:  Entrance tickets to the Naval museum, services of your private, licensed local tour guide.  

This exciting private tour of Venice starts from the Naval Museum. In the ancient granaries used by the Republic of Venice, you can admire the original models of boats used by Venetian merchants and military fleets. You can also see the several mementoes of the Arsenal, the powerful military shipyard of Venice, and learn about the past naval battles of the Venetian forces. You will next travel along the fondamenta (an Italian term for a long street running along a canal or pier) of the Arsenal to see the church and school of San Martino. Eventually you will reach the school of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, whose history and art are tied to the important Dalmatian community of Venice. You can view masterpieces by Vittore Carpaccio inside the school.

On this guided tour of Venice, you can also find evidence of the presence of another important foreign community in Venice: the Greeks. You can opt to visit the Greek Orthodox Church and wonderful museum featuring post-Byzantine icons.


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